Markku J Parviainen

Markku Parviainen is a Swedish-Finnish poet, who writes about nordic life, love, relationships, and women. Sometimes in self-deprecating and humorous ways.

"Mostly I write about my own experiences and how I see the world. I write about love and hate, self-doubt, and madness around me—my own madness and faith. I try to write for those who like to feel something, those who have that absolute fire inside, or those who think they have lost it."

"Powerful, beautiful, and a must have. He touched my soul and am grateful to have found this book!"

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The collection: The essential poems by Markku J Parviainen

This book is a summary of my best poems and writings from the last ten years.

I hope you enjoy it.


Normal life

I have been in the so-called normal work sometime in the 90s. I remember waking up in the morning—breakfast and morning coffee, then running to the train so I can get to work. Then hell begins.

Feel familiar?

I hated my life. Everything seemed pointless. Is this my life now? Eight hours of wastage and hearing the boss's stupid jokes. Why didn't I go to school, as my mother always said? Maybe something is wrong with me? I'm just not capable of normal life. And now I wonder what the hell is a normal life?

Would I have been happy if I had lived like everyone else? Where would I be today? What if life is like a movie? If I don't like the end of the film, then the beginning of the movie is changed and that's how I get a happy ending to the film called “My Life”.

Now that I think about my friends, I realize that they are also suffering. Everything looks good on the outside, but inside, the war is raging. Maybe my life isn't so miserable? Perhaps my choices have led to this moment.

Well, who knows?


Dance in the room

The girl in her room dances and dreams

About high life and fame

About money and headlines of magazines

Perhaps by producing emptiness

Show her beautiful body

Edited in pictures

Perhaps happiness she achieves

The girl dreams of a beautiful life

Far from reality

Only in the depths of the imagination

Although she won't know it yet

Does it even matter?